Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Well It's Christmas

Well its' Christmas!
what can I say? We are still at Jenn's and looks like we will be for another couple of months.  I know that it is getting hard on them, we never thought that we would be here this long.  We owe them so much for having to put up with us and also 5 other people. Lisa and her kids are here still also, Lisa finally got a permanent job with Banner Hospitals, so she is now working, plus going to school, working a seasonal job with Kirkland Homes, she is way busy and her kids are not liking it so much.

We are in the season of thinking of our Savior and it is a little hard, but I have tried to focus my thoughts on him.  A week and a half ago I lost my job, so it is a little hard to have the kind of spirit I should.  I hope that I can think more clearly about our Savior now that I am home, and here it is just a couple days before Christmas.  The process of having to look for a job is not my most favorite thing to do, but who does like it.  If I could just stay home and not have to worry about it, but that is not going to be the case for a long time.  Scott's job is not to the point of us just having him work and me to stay home.  But if wishes were fishes, we would definitely have a great fry.

 With 3 families living under the same roof, is hard not only for the adults but for the children also, everyone thinks that they don't need to do chores, because someone doesn't or didn't do them, so they all think that they don't have to do them.  Tempers rise and we are all uncomfortable.  We have so appreciated Jennifer and Rich for their service and taking us in, but pretty soon it will come to the point when relationships start falling, and I don't want that to happen at all.  I felt that way when we stayed at David and Kathy's, and I have regretted it ever since.  But when you don't have a place and are trying to save up, and you were offered it is a hard thing to go through. But we love and appreciate all that they have done for us and Lisa. Hopefully one day we can repay them.

 I have been working on Brad's mission letters and trying to get them into a book for him.  I have wondered why I didn't get it done earlier once he came home.  I've decided that he didn't need it then, but does now, with him going through the trials that he is going through now. I hope that this will open up his eyes to see what he has done and where he needs to focus his life on.  His letters are so full of the spirit, that I can't think that he would be able to feel it.  As his mom I know that he has the ability to start anew and to get back that feeling that he had in and during his mission.  I pray that he will come to me and to Scott and apologize and to come back, so that we as a family will be healed.  I love him, but it is hard to see the life that he is living, I am hoping that the friends that he has chosen, will bring him back.  I think that Brad thought that he was a leader and could help these boys, but instead they drug him down to their level.  I think that he could be a leader, he just needs to be strong in the gospel, and asking help from above, that he could do it. But like his mom, I am not a leader, I am the follower, because I wanted to fit in with my friends, but it did not get me very far.  It really takes a very strong person in the gospel to be that kind of a leader.  Satan is much stronger than myself, I really have to rely on my Heavenly Father and his Son to help me over come the bad decisions that I make each and every day.

Now that I have done a quilt trip on myself.  I need to draw my thoughts to our Savior at this time of the year, but also remember to do it all through the year.  There are so many things that I am thankful for and one of them is being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, the one thing though is being a mom, I wished at times I could roll back the years, and start all over, knowing the things that I know about raising children, and how I did it, I can't believe that my kids still stay by me, I look back at how hard I was on them, and mean I was, I want to tell them how sorry I am, that their mother should have been more understanding, more loving, more of a person that they would want to be.  I don't blame them for never wanting to be like me, I don't want to be me.  I am SO SO sorry for what I put them through, my yelling, my hitting, my everything.  Please forgive me! I just hope that some day I can be  what a lot of them have come to be.

I want them all to know that I am very happy that they are the people that they are. I love them with all my heart, and ask them to lean on the Savior to help them in their trials.
Have a VERY Merry Christmas, and never take CHRIST out of Christmas, he is the reason for the season. BUT we need to have him through out the year, so we need to remember to have Christmas all year long.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

It's been way too long!

So I know it has been way too long since I have posted anything. At least over 2 years.  When we got back from Norway with Brad, my life seemed to be so busy that I just never got the urge to write on the blog, but I shouldn't have waited this long.  A lot has happened in those 2 years, let see if I can bring this up to date.
Brad has been home from his mission now 2 years, he did great for the first little while, then (and this is just my perspective ) but once Cameron got home from his mission, he acted like he was back in high school all over again. It made me really sad.  He just went down hill from there. All Scott and I could do is pray for him, and we are still praying for him. He has gone to school at UVU and is still going off and on, more off than on. I just pray that he will realize that he needs to have the gospel in his life.  He is seeing a sweet young lady Cianna, but I don't know how long it will last.  She has now gone back home to Stansberry.  I am hoping to print out his blog and make it into a book to give to him for Christmas, and maybe it will spark something in him that he felt on his mission.

Our other sad story is our daughter  Lisa, she and Scott divorced in January, and we are still dealing with that, helping her and making sure she has the support that she needs from us, and her siblings.
She has moved to Arizona and is going to school and trying to get a job, and also a rental, for her and the kids.   She is strong, but I am sure it is hard, she is not one that likes to ask for help, but we have told her that she is going to need it, and to let us help, until she does get back on her feet, I am just afraid that when she does, we won't see her much. She likes to keep her distance.  She is a good mom, and wants the best for her kids. Prayers are an ongoing thing for her also.

Our story is that this year in February, Scott lost his job (again) and we didn't know what to do, we decided to sell the house in American Fork, we contacted Jechelle Secretan,who is a friend and helped us sell the house in Pleasant Grove. We put it up for sale and we sold it in 3 days, to some people from Washington State, the husband a little wacko, but the wife seemed to be nice.  It was hard to leave, I ended up quitting my job at Dr. Randall M. Stucki in May, and I went and joined Scott in Arizona, we are living with Jennifer and Rich and their family, along with Lisa and her kids, yes it is crowded, 5 adults and 7 kids.  Jenn and Rich put in a swimming pool this past summer, which has been a great escape for the kids, and a good one for us adults.
The kids all started school in July,at least Jenn's kids did and then once Lisa got here in August her kids started, and now they all are on fall break for 2 weeks.
Scott was hired by Brite International in Coolidge in May and I am working for Triton Medical Solutions at AT Still University in the Dental Department, I have a had a rough go of it, it is very fast paced and I have a hard time remembering things.  I have already been written up, for not doing things the right way, but I am still working on remembering things, and doing my very best.

Scott and I had our parents pass away this summer, Mom Farnsworth died on July 15 of Alzheimer's, and my dad died unexpectedly on August 2, Jennifer and Rich had been to Utah in June for vacation, and not but a week later we were on the road to Utah 2 more times. Both funerals were good. I will share pictures once I download them to my computer. We miss the kids that are in Utah, but we will see them again, hopefully soon. Brad said that he is going to be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which I hope he does.
We have bought a house, but it is being built, and won't be done until probably January the rate that it is going now, we were hoping it would be done to move in by Thanksgiving or Christmas, but they have had a shortage on framers, but as Scott and I went to see it yesterday they had delivered lumber, so let's hope that they will start framing it this week. All we can do is hope. Well so far and I'm not sure but I did pretty good at bringing this up to date, I'm sure I will remember things as they come, and will have to put things in order as they come.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Another Very Long Post

Well, since October a lot has happened.  I know your probably saying "If you would wait so long in between posts, you wouldn't have to write so much"
Well, I got home in October as you know, I started Weight Watchers, and did pretty good for a while, I lost 20 pounds from the end of October to January, well, I still haven't lost any more, but I haven't gained any either, I know I need to incorporate exercise, but I just don't have any energy or enough will power to do it.  I know, I know that I am just lazy and just don't want to do it. I think I know what had me so bummed about my weight is that I knew we were not going to be able to go get Brad, and my heart just wasn't into loosing my weight, I was depressed and couldn't shake it.
Jan - April was good, I started work as a office manager for Dr. Randall Stucki, which has worked out really well.  In the middle of March Scott called me and told me that he thought that we should go to Norway and get Brad, he didn't know, but I was jumping up and down in secret at work, I was elated. I couldn't wait to talk to him at home and start planning it.
I went to Amy's in Arkansas to visit and also so that Amy and I could go to Time out for Women in Kansas City.  Matt wanted to for all of us to go, so we ended up going to Branson, Missouri to a place called Silver Dollar City, it is kind of like Lagoon.  It was a lot of fun, the only down fall was  it rained the whole time, and it was COLD.  I felt so bad for Amy, she wore flip flops and her feet were freezing, but she was a trooper, and just kept on going.  We tried to do things that the kids could ride, and since there were not a lot of people there, the kids had the rides to themselves, it was great. I hope that I can go there again with them to enjoy it when it is not raining.  I don't think that Preston really cared, he enjoyed the rides, and Porter was there enjoying them also. Then we went to Kansas and enjoyed it there.  Amy and Matt were able to attend the new Kansas City temple, while I watched the boys in the hotel room.  I was glad that Matt wanted to come along, he made me feel, like he didn't want to miss the fun of being together. Thanks Matt for letting me enjoy Amy and the boys, for paying for everything, it means a lot to me to have had the time together. I truly enjoy being with you, and your sweet family.  Thanks again for a fun time.

As May came we were kind of in the count down for Brad, at least I was.  I just could not believe that he was getting ready to come home.  His Skype call with us on Mother's Day was great, he looked good, and he said that he knew that it was his turn to come home. I felt kind of sad for him.  I knew that it was going to come to an end, the end of getting his weekly emails, his calls at Christmas and Mother's Day, all of it was coming to an end, and I didn't want it to end, I still wanted the blessing of having a missionary out, even though I joke about the blessing that we have received, like the fridge, washer and dryer, oven all breaking down, Scott loosing his job, me loosing my job, Lisa getting thyroid cancer, me having basil cell carcinoma on my eyelid, all of these things that have happened and more, but to lose the blessing of having a missionary out is what I leaned on.  I am going to miss that.

Lisa, as I said had thyroid cancer, well since she got her thyroid out, she has had nothing but problems, she ended up not having one time of radiation, but 3 times, changing dr's in between, which was the best thing, her first dr. never started her on hormone therapy so she ended up in the hospital. Scott (her husband) and the kids stayed with us, and I was in heaven to have them there.  She is doing so much better, now that she is on medication and is regulated.  We are truly blessed to have Lisa's husband in our family, he loves his family very much and will do anything for them, we just need to make sure he is well also, so we try and help where possible.  Thanks Scott for your love, for your wife and kids, you have the heart of a giant, never complaining at all.  We love you.

June came so quickly.  And I was in a panic to get things done, I don't know why I do things at the last minute, I knew Brad was coming home, 2 years ago, so I wait to change Brad to where Megan's room was and then to have the bedroom painted, I know we thought we were moving, but we hadn't so why do I do this to me.  Scott came to the rescue and said that he would get it done, if I would move the things out of the room, so that was a no brainer, I did it and we got it done.  Then Megan told us that she sold her town-home and needed a place to live. WHAT? Well of course they can come live with us, right? She is due with a baby and has a 2 year old, ok, we can do this. But where in the world is everyone going to sleep when Brad comes home, we have Jennifer and her family coming, Amy and her family coming and Brad? Well, it just so happened that the people that Megan sold their home to agreed to rent them their house back to them until they found something, YAY! Hallelujah!
So now all of my frustration was all gone,for now.
Well, June 14 was the day Scott and I left for Norway to pick our son up from his mission.  I had longed for this day, and could believe it was happening. The flights went as scheduled and we arrived in Oslo, Norway on time 9:51am, as we went to pick up our luggage and out to get a rental car, there were a lot of people screaming and clapping, yelling holding signs and Norwegian flags waving, bells ringing, I thought "how nice of them to welcome us to their country" little did I know it was for the people behind us who had just come back from their honeymoon, oh well I felt special for a little bit, plus it gave me an idea for when Brad came home to have all of the kids doing the same for him as he came down the escalator in the Salt Lake Airport.
We arrived at the apartment that we were going to rent in Oslo while we were staying there, the women that owned it was very nice and spoke perfect english. Off she went on her vacation to Sweden for 3 weeks, and off we went to sleep the cardinal sin to do when one gets into Europe, but we could not stay awake. So, 5 hours later, we went out sight seeing,  it turned out that her apartment was quite big and we didn't have to park out on the street, she has a garage to park in, in the basement.  We walked around the area and went almost to the middle of town, but turned around and went back to the apartment.  We noticed that we were not in the best neighborhood, but it was ok, but if we ever go back, we will not stay there again, kind of scary.
SO, we went to church on Sunday, at the closest meeting house to the mission home, hoping that Brad was going to be there, but no. oh well we enjoyed seeing the missionaries and telling them whose parents we were, they were all so nice saying that Brad is a great missionary and loved knowing him.  None of the members knew him because he had never served in Oslo. Finding our way around Oslo was kind of tricky, due to a lot of construction and our GPS that we brought of course didn't have the construction on it and would tell us where to go and we always herd "Recalculating" we starting saying it before it did.
Monday, was the day we were going to pick up Brad, but not until about 5:30pm We walked around and looked up the address of the mission home, to make a long story short, we had the address of the office, not the mission home, and you guessed it, we were lost, with no phone and no way to email, since our phones didn't work with the internet unless we were back at the apartment. What to do, Scott ended up asking some bikers to use their phone, and he got ahold of the assistant to the President and we were off to the address.  As we pulled up Brad and a couple of the other missionaries that were going home also were headed down the driveway to see where we were, I couldn't believe that I was seeing my son, I was so excited to see him, we stopped and we both ran to hug each other, he was not letting me go and I didn't want him to.  It was truly exciting to see him, it was so surreal. I told him that I am not taking my eyes off of him. We ate dinner with President and Sister Evans in their home, along with the other missionaries that were going home and their parents and a senior couple that also was going home with one missionary that parents were not there (which I felt so bad for him while our sons parents are sitting with him and his are not with him, how sad) which was a very nice place.  We ate a Norwegian dinner, which didn't seem to different to me than like corned beef and cabbage, but it was good. They then had a testimony meeting so that the missionaries could bare witness of all the work they have done good and bad, but ended with the love of our Savior and thanked him for letting them be apart of his work. After that President Evans took each of the missionaries and had an exit interview with them and counseled them what to do next.
The adventure began,  Tuesday Scott and Brad arose early to study (me being the lazy one stayed in bed for just a little while longer) got dressed and went to meet the other parents and missionaries (Elder Johnson and his parents and Elder Knudsen and his parents).  We went to some museums that Elder Johnson wanted all of us to see. It ended up being a very long day, and I had, had enough of museums for the day.
Wednesday, up early to get started to go around Oslo to get our money exchanged, and then to see things around the city of Oslo, like the ski jump that was in the Olympics in 1994.
Thursday, up early to get started on our way to Trondheim, Brad's last area to serve and his favorite.  It took awhile to get there, but once we got there it was great, it felt like you were at home, we knew why Brad liked it, it gave you a sense of peace. We went to the church to see if the missionaries were there and they weren't so we walked and as soon as we turned the corner, there they were. We walked back to the church and talked to them (Elder Jensen and Elder Layton). From there we went to a huge Cathedral that was beautiful, we walked along the streets and roadways, the canals, it was just beautiful.  From  there we went to a members home to spend dinner with them and spend the night.  What fun we had with the MacKenzie family, they made us feel like we were old friends that hadn't seen each other for awhile. We played games and like every night we talked and not realizing what time it is because the sun doesn't go down, so it is light and before you know it, it is like 12 midnight and we need to get up early and get started on our way to Alesund. We were never going to leave Oslo, but Brad really wanted us to see some of the areas that he served in and the people that he had met, so we decided that even though we spent the money for 10 days in this apartment, we would go to all of these places and we are so glad that we did. The people are so nice and really loved Brad, and was so glad that he was in the area. One of the members of the bishopric told us that Brad is one of the missionaries that he will never forget, he helped the ward so much when needed. It made me and Scott feel grateful that he could serve in Norway and touch the people there.
We went to Gerganier and Trollstigen from there, but we didn't have as nice of weather, it did start to lightly rain as we were climbing up the mountain and the fog set in and we couldn't see the tops of the mountains, but we saw some beautiful waterfalls. We even went to Lillehammer where the 1994 Olympics took place. We enjoyed being with Brad and having him tell of the different things, and to just have him to ourselves to just ask questions and talk about his future, things that if we hadn't gone we would never have the opportunity to be with him like we did at this time. I am so, so glad that we were able to go, it will be one of many treasures in my life.
Once we left there we headed back to Trondheim, to stay at the Mackenzie's, once we got there they had all of the missionaries, including the sisters there for games and dinner. We joined in the fun. Sunday morning we got up to go to church, there we met many people and enjoyed the lessons, even though we had to wear the little translator ear pieces Brad and Elder Knudsen were the interpreters.
After Church we said our goodbye's and took pictures, and then left for Oslo to get ready to come back to the States.  On Monday, Brad wanted to take us to Moss, his first area and kind of his second to last area, since he served in Fredrickstad which is close to Moss, so we went there and walked around and he took us to a couple of the members homes and said his goodbyes to them. It was great to see the areas that he served and also to meet the people that he had contact with.
We got back to Oslo in the evening, so we started packing and getting ready to come home.
I am truly glad that Scott and I had the opportunity to have been able to go to Norway and pick up Brad from his mission, it will be one of the highlights of my life.
On the way home we didn't have as much luck with our flights as we did going to Norway, we ended up not getting home until around 2:30-3:00am on Wednesday, June 26, when we were supposed to be at the airport at 11:20 and all of the kids would have been there, but it was so late that only Heidi and her 3 kids came and then Matt our son-in-law came since he was a ride home. So no flags or signs waving or bells ringing, we were so tired we really didn't even care, but I felt bad for Brad, to not have the fan fare.
Now that we have been home almost a month now, Brad has a job working for our Bishop at his work Asphalt Zipper and is registering for school at UVU for the fall semester, we are looking at cars for him to be able to drive, things are coming together and we are a happy family.
Next month I hope I don't fall short in writing and keep on what is going on with the Farnsworth's
Pictures to come, stay tuned!